Accepted Papers – ALTA 2019

Draft proceedings are now available.

The following papers have been accepted for oral or poster presentation at ALTA 2019.

Long Papers: Oral Presentation

Hiyori Yoshikawa, Dat Quoc Nguyen, Zenan Zhai, Christian Druckenbrodt, Camilo Thorne, Saber A. Akhondi, Timothy Baldwin and Karin VerspoorDetecting Chemical Reactions in Patents
Zhuohan Xie, Jey Han Lau and Trevor CohnFrom Shakespeare to Li-Bai: Adapting a Sonnet Model to Chinese Poetry
Fajri Koto, Jey Han Lau and Timothy BaldwinImproved Document Modelling with a Neural Discourse Parser
Patrick Jacob and Alexandra UitdenbogerdReadability of Twitter Tweets for Second Language Learners
Gaurav Arora, Afshin Rahimi and Timothy BaldwinDoes an LSTM forget more than a CNN? An empirical study of catastrophic forgetting in NLP
Thanh Vu, Anthony Nguyen, Nathan Brown and James HughesIdentifying Patients with Pain in Emergency Departments using Conventional Machine Learning and Deep Learning
William Lane and Steven BirdTowards A Robust Morphological Analyzer for Kunwinjku
Wenyi Tay, Aditya Joshi, Xiuzhen Zhang, Sarvnaz Karimi and Stephen WanRed-faced ROUGE: Examining the Suitability of ROUGE for Opinion Summary Evaluation

Long Papers: Poster

Aditya Joshi, Sarvnaz Karimi, Ross Sparks, Cecile Paris and C Raina MacIntyreDoes Multi-Task Learning Always Help?: An Evaluation on Health Informatics
Bayzid Ashik Hossain, Gayathri Rajan and Rolf SchwitterCNL-ER: A Controlled Natural Language for Specifying and Verbalising Entity Relationship Models
Phuoc Nguyen and Alexandra UitdenbogerdMeasuring English Readability for Vietnamese Speakers
Wenyv Guan, Qianying Liu, Guangzhi Han, Bin Wang and Sujian LiAn Improved Coarse-to-Fine Method for Solving Generation Tasks

Short Papers: Oral Presentation

Xuanli He, Quan Tran and Gholamreza HaffariA Pointer Network Architecture for Context-Dependent Semantic Parsing
Alvin Kennardi, Gabriela Ferraro and Qing WangDomain Adaptation for Low-Resource Neural Semantic Parsing
Shima Khanehzar, Andrew Turpin and Gosia MikolajczakModeling Political Framing Across Policy Issues and Contexts
Aili Shen, Bahar Salehi, Jianzhong Qi and Timothy BaldwinFeature-guided Neural Model Training for Supervised Document Representation Learning
Qianji Di, Ekaterina Vylomova and Tim BaldwinModelling Tibetan Verbal Morphology
Dat Quoc NguyenA neural joint model for Vietnamese word segmentation, POS tagging and dependency parsing
Hanieh Poostchi and Massimo PiccardiA multi-constraint structured hinge loss for named-entity recognition

Short Papers: Poster

Gabriela Ferraro, Zoe Piper and Rebecca HintonFindHer: a Filter to Find Women Experts
Connor Stead, Stephen Smith, Peter Busch and Savanid VatanasakdakulEmerald 110k: A Multidisciplinary Dataset for Abstract Sentence Classification
Chak Yan Yeung, John Lee and Benjamin TsouDifficulty-aware Distractor Generation for Gap-Fill Items
Vincent Nguyen, Sarvnaz Karimi and Zhenchang XingInvestigating the Effect of Lexical Segmentation in Transformer-based Models on Medical Datasets
Andrey Shcherbakov and Ekaterina VylomovaA string-to-graph constructive alignment algorithm for discrete and probabilistic language modeling
Islam Nassar, Michelle Ananda-Rajah and Gholamreza HaffariNeural Versus Non-Neural Text Simplification: A Case Study

Unpublished Abstracts: Poster or Presentation

Xiang Dai, Sarvnaz Karimi, Ben Hachey and Cecile ParisDiscontinuous Entity Recognition using a Transition-based Model
Ian Wood, Mark Johnson, Stephen Wan, Javad Housseini and Mark SteedmanBox Embeddings for Inferring Predicate Entailment
Xudong Han, Philip Shultz and Trevor CohnGrounding learning of modifier dynamics: An application to color naming